Secret Places………


I had to leave the pagan covenants, for child custody issues. I had loss custody of my son in July 1999 my ex-wife has filed charges with family court claiming I had deserted my son and they had given her full custody. I wouldn’t of even had known about it had my son not told me. I had been picking him up from his mother’s home taking him to school, we were still hanging out together on weekends. But she apparently filed charges with the courts that I had left the state, news to me. I didn’t relocate to Newark NY until after this happen I needed some space.

As soon as I found out about it I went to my attorney for advice he told me to wait, your son will soon turn sixteen than the court will allow him to live where he wants to. He went to his mother’s home around thirteen and by sixteen he left and moved in with my sister his aunt, Mommy was a drug addict and abusive, classified a sociopath everyone who knew her paid a price for it. She destroyed so many people’s lives, she could lie to your face and you would believe her, I never seen anything like her. She was a class act But as my son near the age of sixteen I applied for full custody the day of the trial I found out in the court room that I was on trial for desertion the court was gunning for me and if found guilty would be sent to prison.

But I walked into the court smiling feeling good, which unhinged the judge the judge was a woman newly elected to the courts looking to make a name for herself and she would prove beyond a shadow of doubt in her court, justices was twisted.

During the preceding my ex-wife told the court I was taking my son to school everyday when she applied for full custody claiming I had left the state.

My attorney jumps up and screams to stop the trial, I just sit their smiling at the judge and she is getting nervous.

Than I spoke up and told the judge, Hey!!! Here’s your chance to show everyone here, what this court all about….go ahead Judge send her to prison, with a sheepish grin on my face, because I already knew what was going to happen.

The woman judge tells the court recorder to stop and not record what she is about to say, so the court recorder stops recording the preceding and then the judge leaps toward me and tells me If you did that I would send you to prison, but since she did it, it’s okay.

I just sit their grinning……she did exactly what I though she would do. In her court Pants lose and Skirts win the is no justice in Binghamton Family court it’s all being controlled by the twisted sisters of the Unitarian Universalists church.

When I left the upstate NY group I returned to Binghamton got an apartment and Job installing A/C as a contractor also doing renovation on residential homes reestablishing myself in the area as an independent contractor. But my Mason contact had told me go to the Unitarian Universalist church there you will meet a woman she is your contact, she maybe a bit later on arriving just wait for her in the parking lot if she is a no-show just attend the church it’s self. When I walked in the door they knew who I was, I was somewhat famous after the famous hand job of Rochester NY, in 2001. I went their for other reasons and it had little to do with the Masons, or this woman, I was looking for terrorist cells, homegrown I had bigger fish to fry.

Each weekend I would come to this church and meet the women of the church, but I was also interacting with the family courts and the same women working in the courts the office area where you filed all your paper work were also members of the Unitarian Universalists church group/covenant. The family court was being controlled by the Sisterhood. When I went into this group they asked what path I was following and I told them I was a Religious Philosopher, Theosophist.

But I attended the church every-week said little and mostly just watched everyone you learn far more by watching then you do talking. Wasn’t their to make friends wasn’t looking for any lovers all those at the end of the service in the coffee-room the up and coming HP and one other woman I think she was a woman not really sure would talk to me. The Unitarian Universalist church is made up of transgender, men and women a lot of gays loaded to the gills with Lesbian’s the outcast of society make up the Unitarian Universalist church. Pagans, Wiccans it’s a real mixed bag of cookies and its everything but normal society and these are the very people who are controlling the family courts, they get favors for being good boys and girls by doing their masters will, the Twisted Sister’s.

The woman judge was elected by public votes she was voted in and it was the twisted sisters who got her elected, and she did what they wanted, a puppet controlled by the sisterhood. A lot of women have been elected into high Court positions by the sister’s. In 2002 I was in a meeting with the sisters at a Barnes & Noble they told me their plan was to take control of the Government. This is also when I was told they would put a contract out on me if I ever wrote anything about them, these threats came out of Cornell Universe wonder if theirs any truth in that.

Like the woman judge said in court in 2002 had you done that you would have gone to prison, but since she did it, it’s okay.

The Judge order my son to remain with his mother even those he was at an age where he should have been able to make his own choices. But I received and incredible amount of visitation time, but my son was to remain with his mother the court said. (Woman judge) about a month later I was brought back into court, seems my ex-wife told the court I had threaten her, which I hadn’t and this same judge stripped me of all visitation time with my son, based off what my wife said, I said.

Oh did I tell you my ex-wife was a professing Christian.

After this happen I experience a nervous breakdown I have no doubt they enjoyed what they did to me.

There is no justices in the family courts in NY State the Twisted Sisters have destroy the Court system why????…….Money.

It’s not about the welfare of the children it’s about the ex-wives getting the money, the homes everything.

Their was another case going on at the time I was their, a man was trying to get custody of his daughter the mother had sole custody and she was a convicted prostitution, she was also bringing her tricks home and having sex in front of her three-year old daughter that was all documented. The father was trying to get his daughter out of the environment and the court was fighting with him not allowing the three-year old to leave her mother’s home. After months of court hearing the judge finally gave in, but told the father yes you can have custody but you still have to pay child-support to the mother even those she didn’t have custody anymore it’s not about the welfare of children about who gets the money.

I was also invited to a Native American sweat being held in Vestal NY, the last Sunday I attended the Unitarian Universalists church group, a group of attorneys approached me and asked why I wasn’t wearing a suite and tie, I told them I was a Native American Shaman and it wasn’t our customs to wear suites. They were so impressed, said Oh that’s why you dress this way for, we didn’t know and apologized to me for even suggesting that I should dress as they did. Actually I am not Native American at all but what the heck. But I had been invited to one of their sweats, seems they were looking for a shaman to sit with them, and my reputation as a knowledgeable shaman was will known among the native americans.

Over the following year I would infiltrate the Native American communities as well, my Masonic contract was pleased. Now I was inside the politico feminists groups as will as the Native American communities and the Masons. I think a lot of it was, I was trying to find my place inside the wide scheme of things. The church didn’t want me they had already rejected me and I don’t fit in with them and I do attend church from time to time, but I no longer consider myself to be a Christian at least not by the churches standards.

What I am is a gifted psychic and we don’t fit into a religious structure like the church, filled with do’s and don’t in order to be holy and to be honest I am far happier here then I was their, No longer under the law, I have true freedom in Christ.


A Drawer full of Money….

gold-dollar-sign1997….     Non-Fiction

I was a single parent from the time my son was four years old until he was about thirteen, during this time I became an independent contractor. Occasionally I was paid in cash and my son was constantly hitting me up for a buck or two to buy baseball cards I mean like everyday, so I thought I would have a little fun. I took one of my dresser drawers it was full of socks. But I had about fifteen hundred in cash and I spread it out across the pile of socks, and to look at it you would have thought the door was full of money, everywhere you looked there were twenty’s fifty’s lots and lots of ten-dollar bills an incredible number of fives-dollar bills and a fair share of one-dollar bills I even threw in a could hundreds to sweeten the pot. So said son walks in asking for money for baseball cards and I told him I was tired of him asking for money all the time. So I had taken one of my dressed draws and filled it with cash. And told him you need a few bucks just help yourself, but be sure to tell me when he did it.

So he walks in my bedroom and pulls the drawer open and freezes before lays more money than he has ever seen in his entire life. He just stands there for a few minutes doesn’t say anything than tells me he’s going to get his best friend, so he leaves comes back a bit later with said friend and their standing together, he pulls open the draw and they both freezes and I hear a Wow escape his friends lips and my son says, see I told ya.

Will my son ask for five bucks and I told him why not take ten and get an extra five for your friend so he can get some cards to.

The drawer full of money lasted a couple of days, than I had to take it and reinvest it, so goes life but we sit around even to this day and have a good laugh over it…….But this is nothing compare to the Sacred Turtle shell, but that’s a different tale to be told a different day.


Locked and Loaded


                                                            Twisted Sister’s


I pulled it off I had infiltrated the politic feminists groups, I couldn’t do it in Binghamton NY, I was to well-known in the area and everyone knew I had a church background that worry them more than anything else the Unitarian Universalist fears the church as well as the government. The internet was in its early stags, I never really made a solid connection to the Unitarian Universalists group in Binghamton NY, itself, but saw them hiding in the shadows it wouldn’t be until 2002 that I would reenter the Unitarian Universalist Covenant in Binghamton.

These groups are extremely dangerous and no one just walks in off the street, it’s not a church as most people see a church, it’s a group and groups are dangerous they more reassemble a militant Cells, domestic terrorist and there well armed.

The Harrisonburg incident had far-reaching impact on the state of VA as well as NY. The pagans were looking for me and the idea of coming out in the open and proclaiming my fame as the man who took down Harrisonburg, single handily would have been suicide. I had militarist all around me.

I met a woman in Newark NY just outside Rochester, she had a massive ego, she saw herself as the great and powerful in time she would buy a house in a rural area of NY here a covenant would be created and I would sit up my base of operation. I was living with her and build the entire community and brought it into the physical world, she sit behind a computer screen and very rarely came out of the house we were sharing together. I build a forty-foot standing stone circle, a couple of fire pits a mediation area and a moon pond the moon pond was my own creation and I build out of a farming tractor tire which are huge, dug out the ground dropped it in and wrapped it in black plastic filled it with water and as the Moon ached over the summer sky at night you could actually see it in the waters reflection, all those the frogs took over it.

But all in all it took shape, I also renovated her house gutting it installing new wiring insulation and sheet rock, new plumbing. Their was an eighteen acre forest behind the house and I became it’s caretaker as well. I was very busy, after all I was a kept male. But the pagan community it’s self outside of just a few didn’t even know I existed. Which is good you don’t want to draw attention to yourself the idea of being James Bond isn’t the way things are done unless you want to end up in a shadow grave in the forest somewhere never to be seen again. I was like wallpaper you walk into a room, you didn’t even notice me, outside of taking out the Wicked Witch with one of the most famous hand jobs in Rochester history, no one knew I existed, which is the way spy’s operate. By this time I was deep inside the occult. No one really knew who I was, no pictures were every taken they knew me by the name Charlie no connection to the Harrisonburg Pagans his name was chuck.

But It wouldn’t be until 2003 that I would effective take out the Rochester pagans.

But I had worked my way into the entire community by 2001 and was activity involved with four different covenants attending their meeting, their was a fifth but I never got inside it, it was a sex cult and to be honest I didn’t want their disease’s. I had a reading by someone in the psychic community who traveled under the name Red Bear he was involved with at least three of these same covenants, he gave me a reading in late 2002 that I would find out things about the High Priestess I was living with, secret things, thing that were being kept hidden from me. He told me you’ll be leaving the area soon you’re find a different woman and move on, out of the area. He told me a day will come you will destroy the entire community, than he stopped and said your going to destroy my covenants as well. But Red Bear saw me as having Cosmic Consciousness an Enlighten person he told me I was the only person who knew who had it, and would follow me around asking me questions about the spirit world and God and the why of things. That’s my spiritual path enlightenment to understand the heart of God you have to be enlightened. Theirs a fine line between enlightenment and insanity if your operating on the positive side your enlighten, if not your as mad as a hatter. It’s a real balancing act to hold on to reality.

What were the secrets that were being kept hidden from me, I didn’t own a computer but the woman I was living with did and she lived on it unless she had meeting to go to which were quite often. But I did have access to it and use it to email my son on a daily basis. I am not very good with computers wasn’t then not much better now, I am just winging it as is even now. But I was on her computer one night while she was gone and I started going though folders and came across several of them where she was talking to a High Priests at a different covenant and they were complaining to each other that they were taking heat from varies communities who were in disagreement of their practices, they were performing sexually rituals with underage children. And all the men of the community were having sexual intercourse with a fourteen year old girl and they had tried to rape her thirteen year old brother but he had escaped them in other folders. I found where she had been going to meet other men for sex on nights when she told me she was going to varies meeting. I had been under the impression we were in a committed relationship, sort of blew that out of the water, she had met some forty men and had sex with them. I also found large bottles of pills some empty ones narcotics, she had a drug habit.

I confronted her about the child molesting and she told me you need to come to the house and see for yourself, she knew I hated child molesters. But I went to this house on one of their meeting and this young girl walks up to me, the fourteen year old and tells the groups she wants me, the High Priests was leading back against the counter and told me go ahead everyone here has had her, My High Priestess is standing next to me and tells me be-careful she’s only fourteen. The High Priests tells me we know you hate us, but if you called the cops we will put the children up to telling them you rape them as will and you will go to prison for a crime you never committed. And he was right the New York State Police would have jumped on it, another feather in their hats. The New York State Police in Albany have a track record of framing people as is, they been caught quite a few times. But they had me, my hands were tied behind my back and they knew it.

After this I went on-line to the greater pagan community and started advertising myself as free labor in exchange for renovating someones house for them and listed the work I had done their, not only renovating the house and land scraping the lawn and caring for the forest and building the ritual center it’s self. Which floored the community this woman I was living with had told them she did all the work and she forgot to tell anyone I even lived their, outside of a handful of people no one knew anything. So right off the bat she is discredit since the entire pagan Wicca community believes she has done these things herself. And apparently she was getting some serious feed back off it. But she asked me your advertising the work you did? Yes ……Why shouldn’t I?

I got several offers but I got one from a single woman living in the mountains just outside Albany NY by herself and she often a deal of rent food and basic expenses if I renovated her home for her. So I went and visit her a couple of times and she was pretty good-looking so we hit it off, the other woman she didn’t know I had even met anyone, and one fine day while she was away I packed up my things and disappeared. Than send her an email explaining I was history. Will I was now away from ground zero about a hundred miles from the child molesting group.

                                                       Turning the tides

I wrote her an e-mail that said to cool her jets with the child molesting or I would expose the entire community. The pagan community is all about drama, its in a constant state of one group trying to control the other members and in the e-mails I had read and copied where she was talking with her child molesting buddies about how they were going to take control of the entire community and then they would have more children to sexually molest. Their was maybe 800 people involved with these five different covenants and 200 children at risk.

But I wrote this letter to her alone the lines of King Arthur, King Arthur is big business in the pagan community, Morgan his sister, Camelot the whole shooting match. Everybody is into it so I write this letter to her and cut and paste all her emails into the letter where their talking about taking over the community so they can have more children to molest. And instead of posting it on-line I send them to about sixty people off list not in a Yahoo Groups and to her as well. She goes bat shit crazy takes the letter into the state police minus the children molesting part and claims I am threatening her life. So the NY State Police contract me at woman’s #2 house and their talking to me about this letter they can’t figure out what it’s saying, but they do say, she says your threatening her life. I told them no I am not I am threatening to expose her as a piggy and a trouble maker, so the state police tell me will we believe her and were going to arrest you for threatening her.

And I told the state police…… Man you sure treat your Cons good……. And the trooper says what do you mean Con? Will she just got out of a New York prison, she’s a convicted felony and she did time for it, and is still on probation….The trooper tells me listen buddy if what your telling me is true you’re never hear from us again…….and I never heard from them again.

One night when we were in bed together she told me she had been locked up for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars out of her father’s bank account had gotten caught and went to prison for it. I tell you the best way to get information is to seduce a woman once you have them in bed they will tell you their deepest and darkness secrets. I never would have had known had she not told me. Will on the internet I found out that she went back into the state police to see if I had been caught and locked up yet they locked her up instead…….told you she was a piggy.

She loses her home over it, she had the support of the community but when everyone found out she was trying to take control of the community and sexually assault their children, they pulled back their support and she crashed and burned. She loss everything. The other covenant who was involved with her the child molesters were banded, no one wanted anything to do with them. Not all pagans are child molesters most of them aren’t. But this action rattle the entire community. I did find out she went to live in a different city with a different covenant the one’s who were involved in sex cults, but no children were present it’s the only thing that saved them.

But I wasn’t done with her I would hit her one more time and finish her off but that wouldn’t be until late 2004. By this time I had been off the grid for some four years a few people knew where I was maybe two or three tops.

I had connection all over NY, people who would contract me by e-mail and tell me all the dirty secrets going on in the community in time I establish my own spy network. I would find their dirty secrets and use them against them. By creating mistrust among them, before they spoke openly with one another by creating mistrust the lines of communication crease to exist everyone was a spy, everyone was out to get them I created paranoia and isolation, between these covenants and even its members no one trusted the person standing next to them, all those I never set foot inside the Unitarian Universalist church of Rochester, I didn’t have to.


I sometimes have a reoccurring vision, I am sating at a camp fire, it’s late at night and around the camp fire there are stakes in the ground with the heads of people on it and their speaking to me in a voice I can’t understand murmuring in the night. By 2003 I begin to see myself as a head hunter, I have never personally harmed anyone before, I am a very peace-loving person, but at the same time the spirit of the warrior is within me. I will not stand idle by if I witness injustices toward men or women and that especially applies to children and I will use whatever means available to me to stop it, I’ll even use the Federal and State law enforcement agencies. Many believe I am a spy for the Government but I am not, but I do use them to break the backs of my enemy. 


1997…I have visions quite often, once I was siting quietly alone a stream at a place called Salt Spring it’s a privately owned park that runs alone the broader of NY and PA. I was sating next to the stream just siting their, loss in my thoughts, meditating. When I looked up, I saw Native American warriors siting in the cliffs alone the spring they had chisel facial feathers, jet black hair pulled back in a pony tail on their arms they wore red arm bands they looked straight ahead, their were perhaps six or seven of them dotted alone the cliffs after a few minutes the vision faded out.

Later that week I went to Rising Bears home and asked him who are they? He asked me did you speak to them. I told him no they were spirits, He goes OH!!!. Raising Bear was the shaman for the Northern tribes in NY, He was the one I had the vision of in the story (Dreams, Visions) he wasn’t a very spiritual person not what I consider spiritual. But he told me he didn’t know who they were, shamans in the Native American communities are more in line with storytellers they keep the traditions alive among the people, Raising bear himself made the war bonnets and head-gear for the community leaders but as far as having visions, or dreams and being able to interpreted them he was at a loss and actually I did interpreted their dreams for them, and would be activity involved in this until 2012. To be honest I never met a Native American who was spirituality.

I sit with them during their sweats as a visiting shaman in 2002 and would interact with them up until early 2003 I didn’t see much in them, their not spiritual and the things written about them in the new age community is bullshit. The path according to the new age community is a wonderful spiritual path and it is, but you won’t find any native americans living it, it’s a new-age spiritual pathway and has nothing to do with the native americans themselves.

                                                            Eastern Gate

Blood line plays a major role in the spiritual path you will follow even those you might not beware of it. I am the first-born son Jewish but I am also English and a shake of Irish. In 1997 I asked the spirits around me what type of shaman am I? I didn’t seem to fit it anywhere all those the Native American community was all around me I didn’t seem to fit in with them, and it didn’t feel right. Native Americanism is a religion, it isn’t a spiritual path as many believe it is.

so I kept asking my guides what type of shaman am I? They told me to open the Eastern Gate, I didn’t know what a gate was? But I kept asking them who am I? At the time I was sitting with a teacher who was a psychic reader and she had given me a book to read called Earth, I read very few books and have no interests in reading about other people’s experiences, my hearts desire is to live the experience not read about it in a book, and I have many wind spirits around me often when I am outside Ravens will come to me and bring me messages, I don’t fit in with the religious church I am much happier living in the forest surrounded by the living beings that co-exists with me. But I read this book called Earth in it the first 150 pages is about how to connect to you spirit guides, but the last 150 pages deals with sexual rituals, ancient rituals concerning blood rites, boy that was a real eye opener and the last thing you would expect to fins in a paper back.

But I go and see this woman once a week we sit together and just talk to one another about whatever but I tell her about my guides telling me to open the Eastern Gate, what is a gate? The spirits tell me it’s a place of new beginning and they tell me I am the Guardian of the Eastern Gate. So they tell me to prepare myself as if I were going to perform sex with a woman, I am Tantric it’s sexual enlightenment to create enlightenment through the sexual experience. But my son is spending the night at a friend’s house and I am all alone, so I prepare myself and wearing floor length white rod other than that nude, I stand and face the East at midnight and command the gate to open, and an energy brushed past me calling its self the Great Horned God and I experience multiple orgasms I mean it dropped me to my knees I have never experience anything like that before, Oh Wow!!! This ritual last about three hours it’s just me and the God I told this energy, I needed some sleep and crawl across the floor to bed and asked the God to join me the gate was never closed and still remains open to this day.

A week pasted and my guides told me a Faerie would take me as her lover and to prepare myself once again for sexual ritual, they told me don’t worry you don’t have to do anything just prepare yourself and go to bed she will come to you in your sleep. At 3 AM I was awaken and found a woman in bed with me and I experience an orgasm with her. But it was pitch black no lights were on and I had sexual intercourse with a woman, but I had a flash vision all I saw was the hoof of a goat. Seems my lover was a nature spirit and she is earth. In time I would learn that I am a Celtic Faerie Shaman but their was little of no information concerning those things in 1997 and I was really at a loss, but I had my lover with me and I would never be truly alone again because she would do what no woman has ever done she would never leave me. After two marriages both wives committed adultery and both deserted and both were Christians I was pretty will done with Christian women as a whole and the church it’s self, the church didn’t want me they were to caught up in themselves to get past themselves.

My lover is a female Satyr, spoke of a Greek Mythology half-human and half beast and she is beautiful I often go to her in the forest green it’s in the middle world, I find her laying in a bed of red roses her hair fans out around her head and she is nude waiting for me and we come together as lovers. Shamans live between the worlds so yes I have a church background and I have Sophia with me I experience visions of the great war coming why me? I don’t know but God is with me.

The Eastern Gate where is it? It’s in your mind where’s the White Stone spoken of in the book of Revelation it’s in your mind it doesn’t exists in the physical world it’s all in your mind.

My name is Wind Song and I am the spirit of the Wind…….


I’ll write about my visions and why they exists for. Before I became enlighten I didn’t understand them,  but now I do, now I understand the why of things.

A Wicked Witch

9d92522630fc0a0e42c29edc93d75f7bRochester NY 2001

At the time I was living with a High Priestess in upstate NY alone the great lakes, a fairly large covenant but were invited to an open ritual it was in Rochester by one of the locate High Priestess, it was her covenant, but the ritual was open and many were attending from varies groups all across the state. Now during yule, yule being like Christmas, gifts are exchanged. So with about 30 people present we exchange our gifts with one another and I got a very large candle about 7 inches and it was yellow. So whatever you got, you got. Now there was a woman present that thought she was the cats meow, you know the type I’m a witch fear me, for what it’s worth. And I spoke to her about this and asked her why? She told me people feared her, Oh I see!! a fearful witch….. she actually had a following being the dominate female she claimed to be and require that men sat at her feet.

So the gifts were given out, but if you saw something someone else had, you could exchange your gift with there’s, without question. No one wanted my candle (poor me) So I stood up in front of the group and held the candle up to them, for all to see. Then I turned around with my back to everyone and adjusted everything then turned around, it appeared that I had place it in my jeans I now had a big boner. For all to see. I was in the center of the circle and walked over to the witch that all feared and asked her, care to give the old gods shaft a yank, pointing at my bundling manhood………she refused!!!…. so I turned to the group and told them she fears the old god staff, not nearly as tough as she claims to be is? She more talk than action, then I turned to her again are you sure that you don’t want to give the old gods shaft a yank? She was being watched by a lot of people and her reputation was on the line. So being the wicked witch she is, reached over and ran her fingernails alone the shaft in my jeans and gave it a hearty yank with a wicked grin on her face.

Well the whole room went wild, praising her for her boldness. Everyone was cheering her on. Holding my hands up, I quieted everyone and told them don’t you feel she deserves a gift for what has done? Once again the whole group cheers with one accord, Yes yes give her a gift….. She had such a big smile on her face, so proud of herself. So I reached inside my coat and pulled the candle out of my inside vest pocket and spun around and put it in her face. Realizing what had happen she screamed, pushed me out-of-the-way and run from the room and into the night. She was never seen again. She dropped out of the community completely but people spoke of her with grins on their faces.

What a wicked witch she was…..

After that they placed several people with me to keep me in check, they were watching me with devilish grins on their face’s, all those everyone seemed to had enjoyed the show….The High Priests of the covenant was siting next to be and leans over and said, I can’t believe you did that!!!…….. It was so funny, we both sat their snickering the group its self were actually smiling in approval, they believe I was channeling the old God Pan. Pan is the God of the witches he’s a bit of a rascal and he likes to have fun. he’s seen as the trickster spirit, the native americans would have called it coyote medicine. But I over heard several of the people in the covenant talking between themselves that the old God was paying them a visit and they were very happy about what had taken place.


16174759_1908390209447295_3282557271230839596_n           A wicked Cat

I met a woman at meditation group, but she had a cat, a wicked hateful cat. She would invite men to her apartment just to talk, before she would become involved with you. Seems if the cat-like you, she loved you. You know how animals can sense a person energy for good or ill. Will she invites me to her apartment as soon as I walk though the door cat is all over me. Starts rubbing on me its all over me, this cat can’t get enough of me. She’s in shock tells me he has never seen him acted this way with anyone before. Tells me you must have really good energy for him to act this way, then tells me will if he loves you this much maybe I should to.

It’s rolling around in my lap she tried to pull him off me cat runs over jumps in my lap again, she is so impressed with me she invites me to spend the night. Were laying in bed together my jeans are on the floor, were in bed together and she is watching the cat its rolling over my pants, she ask me why? Is he doing that for? I told her you know how energy is, it remains on our jewelry and clothing even those I am not wearing them right now the energy is still their, she goes yeah your right!!…that’s very true.

You know stopping by the pet store and buying that can of spray cat nip wasn’t such a bad idea after all…


The Assigment

The assignment

I am a spy, working for the Masonic lodges in Johnson city, NY commission in 1998 to infiltrate the politic feminists groups operating alone the northeastern seaboard, NY as well as VA.

The following short story covers three months of those activities.


Oct 31 1999 to January 07 2000

I had a friend who was a psychic, I had given a falcon feather at one time and in return he gave me a Physic reading told me I was to meet someone, a woman in the pagan community but not in this area. He told me you need to go south you will find a woman their waiting for you, he reasons with me you have nothing going on here. It was true employment wasn’t the best and winter was right around the concern not much work for an Air Conditioning man in NY, during the winter time.

I had saved a few thousand dollars over the month’s sense I had returned from FL, So I invested it into camping equipment, a lot of camping equipment the thought of spending another night in a hotel or motel didn’t set well with me.

Besides I needed to be in the forest, I needed to heal and the forest is a peaceful place. I arrived in the mountains on Halloween night October 1999 and moved into a camp ground, it wasn’t a bad place had electric in my tent which allow for some creature comforts. I paid six weeks of rent, and lived nestle in the forest until mid-December, it was a private camp ground and being off-season it was half the cost of summer rates. I sat up camp had a CD player in my tent alone with a tent heater; I was living in the lap of luxury. All I needed was a job which was easy to come by, as a matter of fact there was always a job waiting for me in whatever town I drove into.

I found employment with a plumbing company as a helper it didn’t pay what I wanted but it paid enough. I found a gift store located in a small city a few miles from where I was a camping downtown, I walked in and walked up to the store keeper and asked her why are you hiding from me? She looked at me and told me were not hiding, but the ones across the street are. Why don’t you go and talk to them. I was walking in the spirit after passing though the second death that’s what trauma does to you throws you into a different state of mind. I am a shaman in case you’re wondering.

Sister, Sister

So I left walked a few blocks and found a small pagan gift shop it was owned by a politico feminist. I asked her the same question and she invited me to a ritual, at a friend’s house. It was a full moon ritual witchcraft, I was about to meet the sisterhood It consisted of six women, we stood in a circle and they began raging on me about being a weak man, not being able to satisfy the sexual needs of the women. I appear to these women as a shamanic high priests, this was the cover I would operate under for the next nine years as I ran deep inside the politico feminists groups scatter all over NY.

I told them, One at a time or all at one time, who wants to be first, three of the women ran from the circle they were frightened. I am a dominated male I sit at no woman’s feet but in order to infiltrate the sisterhood I became the submissive male siting at the goddess feet I seemed to be very naive and shy, projecting innocent, innocent is a very sensuous energy one that everyone wants. The woman who had invited me signals for the women to return to the circle. She signal another one to play a drum it was a steady beat like a heartbeat slow but steady, and I turned my attention to it.

We gather into a tighter circle, I kept watching them with a wild look in my eyes and a wicked smile plaster across my face, the ritual came to an end and the women all ran for the house except one, the one who had invited me. I didn’t say anything to her, but she said Oh… Okay… and we embraced one another she felted good. I left and returned to the forest.

After this several of the women approached me and took me under their wings and taught me about the sisterhood and their plans of conquest to rule the courts in the United States and in time to take control of the United States Government. They even told me how they were doing it all, well-organized; they were operating a network throughout the United States. They told me there were sixty women, all sister’s operating in a sister city, was one of the largest in VA, but these were operating all over the USA…

The woman who own the gift shop told me about these women one was a teacher she taught psychology in one of the locate universities. Over the course of years I would come into contract with these women in NY, and one thing that stood out, a lot of them were college professors, and they all  psychology. Two of the main one’s, I would make contract with was at Cornell University in Ithaca and University of Rochester, these would reveal the secrets of the politico feminism.

They told me they were able to influence the young minds that were open, teaching the students to be more supportive of the women’s movement. It was a grant plan and it worked, the woman’s movement now has control of the family courts thought out the United States. And that’s where the money is at, It’s interesting d176ffa61e259a241471232226f02766an Unitarian Universalist churches group will be operating within a few miles of the family courts, and the courts themselves are by staffed by the feminists themselves.

I did come into contract with a large group of them in an office building in 2002 in Binghamton NY, there were sixty women sating in a circle all dress in jet black this was the sisterhood. I would be in contract with them right up until the time they turned on me in 2009, when my cover was blown by a man, more of a sissy boy who over heard my speaking with a group of Mason’s at a group meeting in Appalachia NY. They told me if we even see you on or close to our building, we will make up chargers on you, and have you incarnated. My cover was blown but I ran deep inside the Feminists network as a shamanic high priests.

Harrisonburg VA, November 1999

After this incident I returned, and spoke with the man who send me their he told me you defeated them, they brought you into that circle to have a little fun with you, but you frighten them. And we know it happen too, were getting reports, things being said in the pagan community that there has been an incident, he told me you don’t understand were monitoring your every move. Seems I didn’t really have a choice in the matter, I am a Masonic spy working for the Masons commission by them in November 1998 during a 1st degree ritual in Johnson City NY.

Masons a secret society

I contract the Johnson City Masonic lodge in Oct 1998, you know theirs a lot of conspiracy’s on the Free Mason and I wonder if they held any truth so instead of reading about it in a book I decided to check them out myself, to infiltrate them as I had the spiritualist church that I had run out-of-town a few months earlier. They came to my home I was interview by them everything seemed to be going well. And arrangements were made that I would pass through the 1st degree ritual at the Johnson City Lodge, in November 1998.

During first degree ritual I was questions by one of their speakers as to my involvement with the women’s movement the Political feminists. They told me we know your involved with them we have investigated you thoroughly we know everything about your past, infiltrate them, spy on them and disrupt the Network, It’s nothing you haven’t done in the past this should be a walk in the park for you with your background. They new way to much but then what do you expect these men where lawyers and judges the elite inside the justice system. My assignment to find out as much as you can about them, and disrupt their activities.

My father had been a Mason, my mother Eastern Star and my grand father before them a Mason as well as well as my grand mother who was also Eastern Star, I was carrying on a family tradition. I didn’t see that one coming, I should have have gone though the 2nd degree ritual within the following month but it was canceled and members of the Masons where asking questions. It’s hard to be activity involved with the Masons as well as the Politico feminists as a matter of fact its impossible to be activity involved with both at the same time.

Masons: Refer to me as a young knight, and this was to be my mission. That didn’t set well with me I strongly believe in equal rights for both men and women. I’ll be honest I didn’t see that one coming. But I had become involved in busting cults in the Binghamton NY, area in 1996, and all these cults had ties to the Unitarian Universalist it seemed no matter what group I went after the Unitarian Universalist church was standing behind them hidden in the shadows. And I became very suspicious of them. What was their connection to these cult activities in time I would come to the realization that the Unitarian Universalist church was the root of the occult, The Unitarian Universalist church is the home base for the politico feminism.

These cults were sexually molesting children some were even involved in raping women the Unitarian Universalist was either behind or aware of these activities. In 2002 I came into contract with a politico feminists operating inside Cornell University in Ithaca she told me if I ever wrote anything about them they would put a contract out on me and have me killed. What are they hiding that their willing to kill to keep hidden?

Smoking them out

We’re watching you at a distance he told me, a day will come they will turn on you, and you don’t believe that but they will. He gave me a warning if there sating in a circle you can walk the outside of the circle but Never, Never cross over into the circle the combined energy of sixty Wicca High Priestess will kill you. Even to this day I have heeded his warning.

I returned to my camp, I still hadn’t found my women yet, this pagan I was supposed to contact. I told the politico feminine I was searching for my life-mate a mythic relationship with just one woman and that someone had given me a reading that she was inside the pagan community the truth of the matter she was my Masonic contract. I heard of a pagan ritual center called Avalon, the feminist told me about it, it’s where the pagans met and held their rituals, pagans have a lot of holidays and if this woman was real, I would more than likely find her there. The sister’s told me they have little control over the pagans and to be careful, the sister’s were protecting me.

So I came up with a bright idea, I posted signs all over the city offering a $200 dollar reward for anyone who could take me to Avalon, that turned some heads. I was a man on a mission, I have spent my whole life looking for a woman and I wasn’t going to allow a bunch of frighten pagans to keep her from me.

They were hiding so I decided to smoke them out. I also travel around at night after I had got off work asking store owners if they had heard of Avalon? And many asked me what it was? I told them it was a retreat sort of like a nudist’s camp. That raise some eye brows, pretty soon half the town was looking for Avalon.

There were several coffee shops in town very popular places. There were also five colleges in the area I was in and they all met and share their coffee in these locations the places was packed every night of the week.

I saw a couple of gay men giving each other psychic reading with tarot cards, so I thought maybe I should be out in the open a little bit more, so I wore my best black duster, outfitter’s hat and wore jet black with a big old Pentagram right out in the open. There was one table that sat in the middle of the restaurant, dead center you had to walk around it and I sat there all spread out like a five dollar whore, every-night beckoning them to show themselves. Pagans are a frighten lot, hiding mostly in the shadows I care nothing for them at least not the men they tend to sit at their women’s feet like submissive dogs.

No one said a word to me. Several of these colleges were Christian colleges, and the good Christians would pour in, walk around me but no one said a word. They looked at me, how could they miss me? I was right out in the open.

One weekend while I was out-of-town, a young pagan around the age of nineteen walks in and saw the posting about the reward, started shooting his mouth off about Avalon, in the presence of a packed house, cat was out of the bag. It turns out there were three thousand pagans living in the area it was the largest concentration of them in VA. And no one even knew they existed.

I return after this and the manager of the coffee-house approach me, he told me, he had no idea they were here, no one knew anything? I was getting reports people were looking for me they were hunting me; they were going to kill me. It was time to leave the area. But before I left I spoke with the manager of the coffee house, he was also a deacon at one of the locate church’s and I spoke to him at length about was going to happen to his children.

I told him the pagans will get a hold of them and give them drugs and sex all the sex they could ever hope for, and diseases STD sexually transmitted diseases, Aids, HIV, Herpes the community is full of it. And soon your children will be as diseased as they are, and no decent man or woman will wanted them for their husbands or wives. And do you know why this is going to happen? Because you and those like yourselves didn’t do anything, to stop it.

As I spoke to this man his eye’s got bigger and bigger. I put the fear of God in him. What I said to him was terrifying, and every word I spoke was the truth. He told me he would go to the churches and address them about what I had said.

Deep in the mountain there were communes operating and most of these were pagan, you could hear the sound of beating drums at night during the full moon rituals in these tents hundreds of people were living together and no one even knew they were there. They operate under varies names often refer to as Intentional Communities at present there are hundreds of these operating in rural areas, Waco was one of them. The people I was working for had ask me about it, my employer the shop I was working at, as a helper, the owner lived on the edge of the forest and he knew something was going on but it never dawn on him just what it was, but he told me he could hear the drums in the deep forest at night always during the full moon, and wonder what they were or why he was hearing them.

I was contracted out of NY, and told to flee the area if they find you they are going to kill you. I did stop in at a locator fast food joint and a man approached me and told me, you can’t defeat us were three thousand strong you only one man.

They had been looking for me for weeks but couldn’t find where I slept, at night. But then who lives in a tent in the dead of winter? No one, it was the one place they didn’t look. I was living in the Mountains at a camp ground north of the City and they never found me, had they, they would have kill me in my sleep.

I stood on the side of a mountain and experience vision, in the vision I saw a playground like you see at a grade school. It was night and I saw dead leaves being blown across the playground by a mighty wind. I could hear the rustling of the leaves as they scatter before me. Who can stand against the power of wind, No one……

I am the spirit of the wind.

In my search for said female/contract, I became aware of the Network the organization supporting the politic feminists, pagan growing marijuana and selling it in the larger cites alone the coastal areas I was disrupting their activities the pagans were fleeing the area by the thousands, the flow of drugs into Washington DC had been temporary halted, the church was after them and being the frighten pagans they were they couldn’t take the heat. And were scattering across the state looking for a rock to hide under.

I was contracted told to flee the area, I was being hunted. I was told you have to leave the area and go at least sixty miles in any direction to break free of the energy; I left drove about forty miles and stopped in at a locate motor-Inn, but while I was their was approached by five men and a woman it was in Staunton, Virginia was told I couldn’t hide from them, they knew who I was apparently my license plates was giving me away. Turned and left again this time I was able to make a hundred and twenty miles from the epic center in Roanoke Virginia, here I was safe at least for a few days. The women in Harrisonburg told me to seek out the Unitarian Church they would protect me from the pagans and their was a very large on in Roanoke.

Occult slaying

I knew of one other man who was killed by the pagans a few years before, they had befriended him and they showed him his marijuana patches will this guy had been in prison before for breaking and entering among other things one being torturing his victims but he got caught was sentence to a locate prison maybe that’s why the pagans like him, will to make a long story short he ripped them off for their patches about a hundred and fifty pounds of marijuana then skipped town. But the pagans knew where his parents lived. They cut the head off a goat and hung the bloody skull on the front door, it was a warning a few months pasted and they returned one night. His girl friend was in on it she let them inside his parents house while he was sleeping in a downstairs bedroom it was a bi-level, had an outside entrants they tied him naked to his bed taped his mouth shut laid a sheet over him and soaked in down in Jet fuel then lit him up, and that was my faith, if they ever caught me. I had just taken out the entire network in just a few months, and successfully infiltrated the politico feminine groups, alone the northeastern sea-broad. I was feeling pretty good and quite proud of myself but then I was getting help out of NY by the Mason’s and it wasn’t just the NY Masons, Masons are everywhere just like the politico feminists groups are. Earlier that year I had been in the Newport News area and in meeting with the Mason’s their as will. I stayed at plantation State P about for about a week before returning to NY.

Just for the recorded this man killed by the pagans it was investigated by locate law enforcement, but nothing came of it, no one was arrested and needless to say it never made the press.

Black Beard the Pirate

I located a hotel room in Roanoke VA, spend the night showed and went in search of the politic feminists, they had instructed me to go to them to seek out Sanctuary. A woman told me I was welcome in her group and to return the following day when they were meeting, they had a small pagan community who were looking for a shaman to sit with them, you may find a place with them? I had told her I was looking for a group of pagans to sit with as their shaman, which wasn’t really truth, I personally had no interests in them.

The following morning I sat with this group of about three hundred other people during the services at an Unitarian Universalist Church in Roanoke, it was the largest group I have ever come into contract with. Most of them are pretty small the one in the city I had just left only had about twenty people in it. Behind me was a curtain when it was open there were a group of pagans standing together, consisting of about forty people. I notice the women stood in front, the men behind them it seem odd to me that they weren’t standing beside their women. It was like they were protecting the men.

During the meeting a woman stands up and lumbers towards the front of the group to give a testimonial concerning her own life. She was dressed in a pink dress with white lace, white stocking and wearing high heels which she seemed to be having a hard time walking in. She was a big woman more like lumber jack broad shoulders a big woman. She has her back to me but when she gets to the altar she turns around to address the group; she has a long black bread, it’s a man. He looked like black beard the pirate in white tights. I about leap out of my chair, It was my first time of being expose to the transgender community, life is a learning experience I suppose, the shock wore off quickly and I settle down after that.

After the meeting ended people were leaving, milling about and the pagans approach me and spoke to me they were searching for a shaman to sit with them, they had none, but before the services began the Minister a woman had spoken to me. She told me there was a wave of energy coming out of the area I had just left. and it would hit the city in about three days, she said it rolling across the entire state and she told me I feel you’re the reason for it. She told me go back to NY, it’s the only safe place for you now, once their contract the politico feminist they will protect you from the pagans.

I left the services, I filled my gas tank up about seventy miles outside Harrisburg before entering ground zero, drove straight though never stopping because I knew if I did I would never make it out alive.

Never did find that woman I was supposed to meet. Do you think I was set up? And just who was monitoring me? Who was the Master behind this game? And what were their real intentions. I would be in touch with this man up until 2002, after that I loss contract with him. But I never loss sight of my assignment nor did I lose contract with the Masons themselves. I was having so much fun, I had no plans of slowing down or stopping, but turn my attention toward Rochester NY.

But I pulled it off I had infiltrated the politic feminists groups, I couldn’t do it in Binghamton NY, I was to well-known in the area as a cult buster and having a church background. I became involved in busting cults in 1996 and was to well known in the area, the internet was in its early stags. Besides I never really made a solid connection to the Unitarian Universalists group in Binghamton NY, its self, but saw them hiding in the shadows it wouldn’t be until 2002 that I would infiltrate them but until then I would rip across the state of NY.

Dirty Little Secrets……..


I had been told that I was to connect to the psychic community, and I was excited about it, this was something completely new to me I had never met anyone like me before, outside of the psychic I was sating with I knew no one and had never ever met another person who had visions or gotten messages from spirits. So I was really geared up, I was looking forward to these encounters.

There is a college in the area I live in and during the winter they offer non-credit class’s just, what not class’s, dance classes, basic internet usages. Everything under the sun, in the area I was living in there’s not much to do as is, in the winter zip your dead in the water. So this class’s offers people something to do add a little excitement to pretty boring existences.

I had picked up a booklet of class’s being offer and seen a psychic development class being offer by a locate psychic, and I thought yea why not give it a shot. The class last about three hours, consisted of lectures. There were nine people in the class all couples and the person who was presenting the lecture itself.

In time the person giving the lecture would become my constant companion. But for next year she took a strong interest in me after we met. But I sat through the class met a few people who were a part of a greater community, just a brief encounter.

She had us pair up in twos, hold a piece of jewelry in our hands and tell each other what they felt. He came to me and told me he would be my assistance, he gave me a piece of his jewelry and asks me what do you feel?

I held it for a few seconds and I saw a woman standing by a river, alone she was Native American behind her stood a tee-pee and a canoe rested in the river, pulled up on the blank, but what struck me the hardest, she was alone. I told her what I saw and asked her why he was alone? She told me he had, had a reading in the past that he was native and an outcast from his tribe that she lived alone next to a river, and he told me; very good you did very well.

As the class was ending she invited me to come to her office turns out she was in building I was a contractor to. So I made an appointment went to see her and she pulled a dirty on me he use hypnosis on me, and questioned me if I had any connection to the government, such as the F.B.I or had I ever worked for them as a spy? But she really upset me when I came out of it and realized what had been done; it’s a clear violation of free will.

She told me we have to be careful because we know the government is watching us, that there spying on us. Over time I came to the realization that psychics all share one thing in common their all paranoid or at least these people were. But we talked at length and she invited me to a group, a meeting of a sorts. It seems these groups existed everywhere and there were at least a dozen of them operating in the area. So I was invited into the fold and my next encounter I was going to become involved with Aquarium Foundation, its roots of this particle group dated back to 1940s……….

Who was into eastern mysticism, the group it’s self-consisted of about eight people it was a mixed mostly singles and a few couples, and they had an audiotape they wanted me to listen to. So I sat there for the better part of forty-five minutes listening to this man, at the end of the tape they asked me what I thought of his teaching.

And I told them it sounded like basic Bible philosophy with a few mystic words thrown into it to give a little zip, a bang, boy did I impress them. But I joined their group just to be able to meet like-minded people. I paid a small fee to become a member in good standing with the group.

Which open me up to a greater community of people and I began to meet people from all walks of life, which is what I really wanted was to meet people. This woman who had given the lecture told me she wanted me to become involved with other groups operating in the area and she would come by my home every day and pick me up then take me around to these different groups. I suppose there were about a dozen of them operating in the Binghamton area, its early 1997.

I began to see her as a teacher, but couldn’t understand why she was taking such a strong interests, but I would get in the car with her and she would start bouncing and literary jumping around in their seat and I ask her is there anything wrong? Oh no, just in your presence I feel really good, she told me you have an energy around you and it makes me happy, I couldn’t feel anything, but then does a candle see its own light or a fire feel its own heat.

We went to one meeting and there were about eight people present and the woman having the meeting wanted us to pair up into couples male and female in order to create balance between us and project our energy onto the other person we were with so I and this woman stood facing one another. And I became wind and I was flowing all over her body, feeling her breast caressing her nipples and flowing down her thighs and touching her in the most sensuous way, other words I was feeling her up. I was doing everything but screwing her and if it had last much longer I have no doubt I would have, have been inside her.

Well the teacher stopped everyone and asked what they felt, and this woman said she felt herself being sexually caress and that it felt wonderful and the woman giving the class looks at me and she asks what were you doing?

I told her I feeling her up, for this I was given a warning don’t do that again, the rest of the women present were all blushing seems none of them had ever been psychic seduced before. I was having a good time and meeting lots, and lots of people. At the end of the class I experience a flash vision I saw seventy people standing in a circle in a cavern deep in the earth all dresses in black hooded robes, some type of ceremonial. But no messages came through.

I did meet one woman who I took an interests in while speaking to her on the phone she channel messages to me concerning Atlantis, she told me of a mark I bear on the back of my head that it concern a past lives connect to Atlantis. The mark first appears in 1984 and has been with me every sense.

During this time Spirit and my guides were constantly talking to me and having a free thought was a hard thing to pull off, but Spirit comes to me and tells me to incarnated three hundred of my own past lives, past live aspects of pass life personalities, and I agree to it, now when I agree to something, it’s all I do. Their ‘s no magical ritual all I have to do is just agree, it’s the same with releasing divine love, I just agree and it’s done.

I tell this woman what is going on every day, and she wants to know what is clicking with me. She wants to know what I am being told, what are they saying to you?

After doing the incarnation of my own past lives, a few days past and one morning I wake up and go the bathroom to shave and get ready for work and I am standing they’re looking into the mirror and there is an old man a Native American, looking back at me his face old wrinkle, and I am watching him and he is watching me, and were staring at each other.

And he begins to talk, not to me but to himself and I can see he is reasoning with himself, he says I went to the grave hating the white man now I have become the white man, and a message came through hate no one for you become what you hate. And he begins to shake his head up and down, he understands what has happen he is my Creator, and I am a byproduct of his hate, and then he fades out. So I am the white man lucky me.

I went and spoke with the psychic that I was sating with and told him about the incarnation and she told me these past lives will help you developed yourself a shaman to become the very best of what you are. She told me many of them are Druids, High Priestess and Priests, Shamans who have lived before you, from all walks of life, from all nations and tongues, there are many, many Native American’s that will awaken within you and you will begin to see their suffering and feel their pain.

They have awakened within your own psych; they will turn your life upside down. That’s okay with me because I wanted more, and I open myself up to an incredible world few witness or experience in their life time. And the visions came of the pain suffering and death of the Native American communities of the west plains. I saw them in a desolated area, heavy snows many were dying, starvation, freezing to death there was nowhere to go. I help as many as I could but could do nothing to stop their deaths. It was hopeless, and even now when the snows start coming down heavily, I remember the vision and remember their deaths, they haunt me even to this day.

Fake Spirituality

One night during a meeting a woman brought out trays of stones, or what appear to be stones what they were man-made pieces of glass fashion to look like crystals and she explained to me that they contain imbue information in them that would help be developed as a psychic. This information was place inside them and when I brought one and held it in my hands this information would come through my psych or mind to help me developed as a medium.

Now this tray had maybe thirty stones displayed in it and the cheapest were cats eye marbles and they were fifty dollars each, most ranged, in the price range of six to fifteen hundred dollars and up going as high as two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I was a single parent and wasting money on these man-made crystals was out of the question. I refused to buy into it. And the other member’s told me they had invested thousands of dollars into the purchase of these so-called psychic crystals. I didn’t have time for this nonsense and refused.

Over the period of next few months during each meeting the trays would come out and the sales pitch made, but still I refused. During one of these meeting they focus their attention on me, and were showing me one crystal in particular and it took on a strange glow. A pink light was radiating out of it and they were right on top of me talking to me about buying it, that this one crystal was somehow calling out to me. It was like I was caught in a dream and I agree to buy it for six hundred dollars, but I didn’t carry any money with me so I couldn’t pay for it at that time. But agree with them to stop in the following day and pick it up. I had to have it.

After I left the meeting I was driving home and thought to myself what the hell just happen? It didn’t take me long to realized they were using hypnosis on me. As a matter of fact they had been using hypnosis on everyone who walked through the door. These people were con-artists, now I understood why they thought the government was watching them for; they very well may have been watching them. The following day I contracted them told them I had changed my mind, zing-zing no sale……..hustle somebody else.

About this time they had a psychic come down from a larger City, they claimed to be a full trance medium and were providing reading for those who wanted them; a single reading cost one hundred and fifty dollars. I was present during one of these reading, but had stepped out on the porch so as not to interfere, but watching the proceeding at a distance. He sat in a chair and began to twist and shake like he was having some type of fit and this lasted for a few minutes and then he began to speak in a somewhat slurred voice and I am watching this thinking to myself, what the hell are they doing?

The people they were reading for were seeking answers to questions concerning the purchase of stocks. The reading lasted about forty-five minutes and they leave. This persons steps out on the porch with me and were talking and I asked them why the shaking and twisting for?

They told me you can see through it most people can’t, it’s just an act people expect to see something when a spirit enters into you some physical sign, some type of manifestation.

They go on to tell me the foundation has an interest in you they know that in about five years you will be fully developed, he had heard them talking, that they feel they can get at the very least fifteen hundred dollars for a reading provide by you in the city.

A few months passed and this same man returns, he tells me the Spiritualist Church is willing to provide you with an apartment, all your expenses will be cover and they will provide you with five women they feel that’s what you need to satisfy your sex drive alone with a small expenses account if you will come to the city and developed in their presence. I ask him about my son where does he fit into this, He told me there is no place for your son. I decline their offer, family comes first.

Peddlers of Deception

The Church was having a healing service for this woman I was spending so much time with. It seems they had a much larger operation in New York City the group I was involved with was just an extension, and a group was coming down to show movies and give lectures concerning their beliefs, of a sort. So they had invited about thirty people to attend this healing service.

But before it starts, I am sating at home and have a past live vision, I see a tall thin woman standing over the top of a glowing object, like a silver light and she is moving her hands over it as if she is manipulating it and a messages come through…….you create heaven on earth with the power of your mind…..She was a sorceress of Atlantis, High Priestess and she was me. In time she would dominated my life and I would call upon her knowledge to empower me to do the improbable.

During the meeting it’s self I begin to see lizard like creatures or I senses their presents in these people who had come down from the city. I watched the movies that they claimed they stole from the Mason’s and watched as one of their members drop jewels from their eyes and was told they was able to do this because they were magical, one to be revere as a great leader among men, a great and power psychic.

So I set their listening to the gasping awes of the locate psychic community they were eating it up and I thought to myself am I the only one here who isn’t blinded to what’s going on here? It’s like I could see right through it, these people lacked the simple intelligent to see it for what it was, fake the whole presentation the lectures were all insane you would have to be a real simpleton to buy into this whole thing.

They would place tape over this person’s mouth and eye’s draw a line of ink over it and point it out to the camera man who was taking the movie, then of all things they place them behind a closed curtain for about fifteen minutes they were completely hidden from view. Bring him back out and seat them in a chair and once again point it out to the camera man that the tape hadn’t been disturbed and the ink lines were still present.

After removing the tape he would drop tiny jewels out of his eyes and from his skin, pull out long strips of beams from their mouth. I saw this done on u-tube before in a magic show but I didn’t see it until around 2013, it’s like a slide of hand trick. But u-tube wasn’t around then and these people were buying into it hook line and sinker, they took the bait.

The lectures lasted about three hours, and the healing it’s self was to take place later that evening so everyone was told to go home have a bit to eat and ground themselves and to return a few hours later. So I go home and I am sating alone and have another vision this time it’s the same woman and a messages comes though that I had use the power of my mind to create war on the earth that I had use my power to slaughter an entire race that lived on the earth in those days, and I saw them they were lizard like creatures the same one’s I felt when I was sating in the room during the lecture with these people from the city.

I return to a packed house and the companion stands up in front of everyone and tells the groups she is going blind, that she has been to the eye doctor and they can’t find anything wrong with her eyes. But she knows she is going blind and this healing we were about to perform was to heal her of her blindness, that the doctors couldn’t detect.

(Am I missing something here?)

The service lasted about two hours and great healing is proclaimed, and then they take her out on a stretcher of all things, like you see in a hospital, help her into a car and disappear into the night. The following day I drive out to her place see how she’s doing the gang from the city was in the process of leaving when I walked in, so they were filing out and I found her lying in bed with this huge green glass like stone strapped to her forehead it was about the size of a baseball, big stone.

I had completed a project on her home a few weeks before; I had coated it with a clear finish. I was an independent contractor working in the area, at the time so I was licenses and insured. So she invited me out to his place and while I was there I notice in the very top of a vaulted ceiling of the house there was this really strange-looking copper decoration hanging from the ceiling and it looked like a geometric sphere of some type, it was handmade and I asked her what it was? And she told me that was to blocked the government spy satellites that were spying on them from space, she told me when they fly overhead they wouldn’t be able to detect anything. (It gets better).

Now this was a beautiful house setting on a lake front, huge front yard going down to the lake with a dock, one thing I learn about these groups there’s a lot of money involved.

A few weeks before this healing service were supposed to take place I was invited out for a group meeting under the stars, beautiful night during the summer, bonfire a lot of people presents, a very peaceful setting.

I went out to the party call it what you will, it consisted of about twenty people of varies ages. Later that night everyone had left except myself and five of the biggest fattest women I have ever seen in my entire life and their sating around the campfire with me. Now let me assure you. I love women, big beautiful women with curves is my cup of tea, long ones, tall one’s short women skinny and bony a Little extra is okay with me, large breast, small boobies it’s all good.

But I can’t deal with excessive weight it shows a lack of caring for one’s self and these five women all weight in at, at least four to five hundred pounds each; to me they were disgusting looking. It’s a real serious turn off to me. Let’s face it if you don’t care about yourself why would anyone have an interest in you?

And I am sating their talking about becoming developed as a psychic or whatever I was supposed to be. And one of these women leads toward me and says forget about that, you will become developed in time. Now which one of us do you want first?

And the thought flashed through me… Oh fuck me!!! How do I get myself into these things? So I look at these women who are all looking at me with a glee in their eye’s, and tell them,……..I have a headache, I need to leave, and they said oh you poor thing you. I left… not in this life time.

Divine Healing

I go out to this woman’s house the morning after her healing to see how she’s was doing, its mid-1997, I enter into the awakening just a little over a year before, met a lot of people, but I had made no friends, I thought I had. Within the psychic community friends don’t come easy. I had a few things working against me I wasn’t born in this area and anyone from the outside and treated like dirt by the locate population; or at least it use to be, a lot has changed over the years. I may as well of have been born in Europe. Even had one of the heads of a different spirituals church call me an outsider then she spat on the sidewalk. It’s a closer community in a big way if you’re not born here you would be better off not living here. But it has changed a lot over the last twenty years with the influx of people moving in from the New York City.

But I go out to this woman’s house and find her on the second floor, lying in bed with this big green looking-glass stone strapped to his forehead. (It’s very impressive).

Now the second floor bedroom is an open balcony to the downstairs and you can lie in bed and see the lake through the all glass front of the house, nice place. She is lying in bed looking all pitiful and in a very weak voice asks me what I thought of the movie from the day before. And I told her I thought Star Wars was better…….

She came up so fast from the mattress the crystal looking stone threw off her head clear the second floor hand rail and went bouncing across the floor downstairs. The woman sating next to her is screams you’re supposed to be sick, and slams her back into the bed, sort of like slamming a basketball she really put her down fast and hard.

By this time I am becoming hostile I don’t like it when people are wasting my time as a single parent and independent contractor time is a premium, I don’t have any free time to waste on bullshit. I told both of them you see that lake down their? This was in July and it’s hot outside like in the eighties, if I walk across it will you worship me as a living God? It back both of them up in a corner, I told them your wasting my time, got up and left and rarely saw either of them again.

After I left the church it just sort of dry up and disappear. I came into contract with one of the women who had invested thousands of dollars into these stones asked her how things were going and if she was still with them? She told me after it all came out about the hypnosis she had taken the glass stones and locked them in a box she thought there was something evil inside them. But she told me no, she didn’t go there anymore.

I didn’t hear much about the church after that. I did come into contract with the teacher, I had a taken a psychic development class with in late 1997 in 2002. she said the psychic community felt I was responsible for the church leaving and disappearing, the way I looked at it they should have have given me a medal for running them out-of-town. These people were con-artist literary stealing from the very people attending their classes and workshops.

But everyone wants to place the blame on someone good scapegoats are hard to come by and by 2003; I had made my mark on the psychic communities across several states as is. I had a reputation as a head hunter.

I have read articles on the internet concerning spiritualist church in general. I honestly believe the use of hypnosis was an isolated incident by this one Church and shouldn’t reflect a negative reflection over all too all the spiritualist churches. But in the spiritual groups I have learned over the course of my life time, beware not everything is as it seems to be.

After this I did become involved with a different spiritualist church they weren’t much better they had what is refer to as message bearers and during the services a person male or female with stand up and point out different people and give them a message and these message was from the spirit world and concerned their own lives in the weeks or months to follow. And I was present during one of these meeting and a woman stands up and told me we can’t read for you because you demand 100% actuaries and we can’t guarantee that our message holds any truth.

Am I missing something here why would someone give a message to anyone knowing it might have no truth in it whatsoever? What a waste of time to even attend a meeting like these.

I have been in other spiritual churches and received messages from these message bearers that hit the mark, but over time I learn those churches are far and few between, there’s a lot of fakes in the psychic community. I have spoken to maybe fifty so-called psychics over the course of my life time but only met a few who were even worth speaking too. I would say out of the fifty maybe four and they were scatter over a half a dozen different states. For years I travel up and down the northeastern sea-broad from New York to Florida and travel as far west as California as well as Texas, covered a lot of ground in my journeys.